3 Unique Ideas to Help Boost Liquor Sales

3 Unique Ideas to Help Boost Liquor Sales

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Boosting liquor sales requires innovative and unique marketing strategies. If you’re looking for fresh ideas to attract customers to your store and increase sales, here are three tips to consider:

  1. Host Customized Gift Basket Events: Organize a gift basket event at your liquor store where customers can choose from pre-made baskets or create their own by selecting various products like mixers or paired snacks. This appeals to customers who are seeking unique gifts or enjoy crafty activities. Get creative with basket combinations such as a Mind-Blowing Martini basket with gin or vodka, vermouth, olives, and cocktail glasses, or a Best at Brunch basket with vodka, tomato juice, fruit juice, garnishes, fresh fruit, and pancake mix. Encourage customers to explore different options and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.
  2. Partner with Local Restaurants for Classes and Workshops: Collaborate with local restaurants to host classes and workshops that complement your liquor offerings. For example, organize a cocktail-making event and team up with a bakery to provide snacks that pair well with the drinks. Both businesses can recommend specific products to customers and offer special deals or discounts to those who present a receipt from the partnering restaurant. This cross-promotion can attract new customers and create a unique experience that sets your store apart.
  3. Offer Liquor Delivery Services: Take advantage of the growing trend of online shopping by offering liquor delivery services. Set up a webstore through a liquor POS system like Bottle POS, which includes a free e-commerce integration called BottleZoo. This integration displays your in-stock products on customers’ Google searches for your package store, reaching a larger audience. When customers make a purchase online, the sale is recorded in your POS system, and you can fulfill the order through pickup or delivery. BottleZoo easily integrates with third-party delivery services like DoorDash, making door-to-door service convenient for your customers.

Implementing these unique marketing tips can help expand your customer base and increase liquor sales at your store. Consider investing in a liquor-specific POS system that offers features like customer loyalty programs, webstore integration, inventory control, and employee management. Schedule a free demo with a POS provider like Bottle POS to explore how their solution can take your liquor store to the next level.


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