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For specialty beverage retailers like you, success depends on your ability to keep your shelves stocked with fast-moving, profitable items and on keeping tight control over your supplier relationships. Your customers need to know you have products they want—and that they won’t be waiting in long checkout lines.

It gives you the point of sale (POS) and inventory management tools you need, so that you can negotiate the best prices and stock your shelves with profitable items. Speed up checkout lines—even on Friday and Saturday nights—so that customers can focus on shopping instead of waiting to pay.

Specialty beverage retailers can benefit from Microsoft Dynamics RMS in the following ways:

Simplify inventory tracking. Your beer-wine-liquor store has hundreds of items. You need to know what’s selling and what’s not, and Microsoft Dynamics RMS is customized to help you.

Work with matrix and lot matrix methods.

Process credit and debit cards and complex transactions quickly and seamlessly.


1. Gain control of products, shelf space, and suppliers

2. Give customers a great shopping experience

3. Improve employee productivity

4. Use customizable management tools

5. Get quick, comprehensive reports

6. Get the benefits of centralized information

7. Grows with your business