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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Liquor POS System

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Find the appropriate point-of-sale system for your liquor store begins by understanding its unique business needs. Ideally, software that can help increase sales efficiency by both increasing top line revenues and decreasing middle line expenses is what should be chosen.

Take note of features such as case break that let you link individual items from packs together, and processing-agnostic solutions which allow you to shop around for the best payment processing rates.

Inventory Management

Liquor store owners when selecting a point-of-sale (POS) system should carefully consider features like advanced inventory tools, age verification integrations, customer loyalty tools and targeted ecommerce capabilities. They must also understand any local laws regarding alcohol sales before choosing their system. A top-of-the-line POS for liquor stores will offer these key features while optimizing business efficiency and profit.

Top-rated POS for liquor stores should also offer a comprehensive support structure to ensure business operations run efficiently. They should provide reliable technical assistance via multiple channels such as phone, email and live chat and provide extensive online resources and training materials for users to understand how their POS works.

The ideal point-of-sale system for liquor stores will feature robust reporting capabilities to help businesses monitor and evaluate performance. A POS should provide sales reports by employee, customer and item as well as inventory levels. Furthermore, retailers should be able to track employee commissions as well as generate payroll reports.

Top-rated POSs for liquor stores will feature customer loyalty tools designed to drive repeat business, an integrated credit card processing platform that expedites checkout and payments, automated inventory tools that help manage stock levels and purchase orders (such as preset reorder points that trigger supplier purchase orders when inventory on hand reaches predefined thresholds), as well as automated tools for stock management that streamline checkout and payments.

Customer Service

An exceptional liquor POS system handles critical functions like age verification and compliance with state alcohol control regulations seamlessly, while also offering customer loyalty programs, omnichannel sales capabilities, payroll features to manage labor costs, detailed reporting capabilities and PCI-compliant security features that mitigate fraud and shrinkage risks.

A great point-of-sale system for liquor stores will meet the unique needs of your business. Take time to evaluate each system’s feature set and pricing structure; once you find something suitable, arrange software demos so you can see it work in person. A more intuitive POS will reduce errors at point-of-sale, saving staff training costs as well as hours spent resolving back office issues.

KORONA POS provides an array of features designed to address the unique needs of liquor store owners. Its dual pricing feature encourages customers to pay with cash by offering them a discounted option; and its inventory management tools help store managers keep shelves stocked by tracking stock levels and automating reordering procedures.

Lightspeed Retail offers advanced inventory management tools. With its multi-store management capabilities and real-time stock updates, Lightspeed Retail helps liquor stores across multiple locations stay informed of inventory levels so as to prevent out-of-stock items from negatively affecting customer experiences and boost profits. In addition, its sales tracking functionality allows managers to keep an eye on sales trends and identify popular items which boost profits further.


An effective point-of-sale (POS) system for liquor stores can be an invaluable asset to streamline operations and save on training costs for staff. A user-friendly POS saves money on staff training costs, while easier inventory and sales reporting means no more manual spreadsheet tracking! Choosing a vendor with multiple support channels, responsive customer service representatives and free trial options is also critical; check whether the system can generate reports for state taxes as well as employee commission tracking.

When selecting a POS system, take into account your budget and the features most essential to you. Make sure the system integrates with eCommerce platforms and provides age verification reminders for regulatory compliance, while choosing your payment processor can lower rates significantly and enhance cost-efficiency.

Other features that make POS systems ideal for liquor stores include scan code technology that enables cashiers to register and track sales without manually writing down prices and item numbers, dual pricing for customers who pay in cash is also highly sought after as this helps offset credit card transaction fees, and dual pricing allows liquor store employees to offer discounts to those paying with cash rather than credit cards.

KORONA POS stands out from its competition by offering advanced inventory management tools. This system allows you to set reorder points for each product and automatically triggers supplier purchase orders when stock levels begin running low, while its granular features make managing large stockspiles much simpler and its integration with customer loyalty program bLoyal increases customer engagement.


Liquor store owners know the key to successful operations is easily tracking sales through a point of sale system (POS). A POS can automate this process and reduce errors by using barcode scan codes — small black-and-white barcodes on each product — to record sales as they happen and track inventory levels and customer information more easily.

Ultimately, the best POS systems feature features to manage employees and customers alike, integrate seamlessly with ecommerce platforms, and offer multiple payment processing options. In addition, they should offer tools for conducting physical inventory to identify top-selling products. Finally, these systems should allow managers to create customer and employee loyalty programs.

KORONA POS was specifically developed with liquor stores in mind, offering features such as age verification to protect customers from masquerading as adults and an innovative bLoyal program that rewards loyal customers while encouraging repeat business. Furthermore, this software handles important functions automatically such as compliance with state alcohol control regulations.

To select the optimal POS, it is important to start with your budget and determine how many features are affordable. Schedule product demos and ask plenty of questions; as more of you understand each POS’s offerings, the more confidently you’ll be in making an informed decision that will benefit your store’s growth. Be mindful of transaction fees or any additional costs related to using one.

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