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How to Avoid Discontinued QuickBooks POS Migration Tips

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Intuit has announced they will discontinue QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale software on October 3rd 2023, no longer receiving updates or support, nor integrating with Merchant Services and Payroll systems; multistore systems won’t be able to sync accounting data between their main store and remote locations anymore.

1. Inventory Management

Inventory control is of utmost importance in any retail business. Regular inventory counts will help to keep an accurate accounting of what items you have available, helping prevent shortages and make better purchasing decisions.

QuickBooks POS makes inventory tracking easier with various reports that help keep an eye on it all. The Inventory Valuation Summary report can give an overview of each item that’s on hand in your store – its quantity on hand, value, average cost and receipts totals are also displayed so you can ensure customers always have what they need when they need it. This keeps things running smoothly so they never experience unexpected shortages in products they purchase from you!

On October 3rd 2023, Intuit will end their support for QuickBooks POS and no longer provide license purchases, updates or payment processing/gift card services. However, don’t panic just yet! Peak Advisers has partnerships with multiple POS providers who can assist in transitioning your business over to new solutions.

2. Reporting

Ensure your new system doesn’t strip away these capabilities when switching! A quality POS system should provide flexible, customizable reporting features. These reports allow for analysis of inventory, sales, orders and payments in various ways and provide insight into customer behavior and trends. Don’t lose these capabilities by switching systems!

Make sure your POS system can integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks financial reporting software. Some POS systems synchronize customer, product, inventory and invoice data between QB and the POS system. However, many integrations don’t fully synchronize all data, leading to duplicate records or version control issues. KORONA POS seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks for an effortless transition of data from your existing POS system to our solution. Get in touch with us to arrange a product demo to understand how KORONA can make the transition easier for your business. We can even connect you with third-party payment processors to streamline checkout. Switching POS systems may seem daunting at first, but with proper planning and training in place you’ll soon be up and running in no time!

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With the announcement that QuickBooks POS v19 will be discontinued by October 3, 2023, many Peak Advisers clients are exploring alternatives. From retail storefront POS systems to eCommerce-specific options available to them – Peak Advisers clients have numerous systems at their fingertips that may suit their individual needs.

Continued use of POS 19 would add unnecessary risk to your business and make you susceptible to cyber attacks and data loss, without access to updates and patches, your system could become increasingly unstable.

One option for retailers looking to upgrade is by switching to a fully-featured point of sale and payments solution compatible with QuickBooks, like Shopify’s POS + Payments. This solution supports in-store as well as online sales, remote access, enhanced reporting capabilities, user-friendly navigation and payment methods that are popular. Furthermore, Shopify also provides a free migration tool and premium onboarding as well as 24/7 support – providing retailers with peace of mind during this transition period. Lastly, Shopify also provides a 30-day return policy so retailers who are uncertain can switch quickly can make changes quickly without incurring financial risk or any risk.

4. Payment Processing

Intuit recently announced that QuickBooks POS will be discontinued, thus ending the availability of new licenses as well as services such as payment processing, gift cards and vendor lookup.

If you currently use QuickBooks POS, we advise searching for an alternative POS system as soon as possible. Failure to apply important security updates leaves your business vulnerable to cyberattacks and data theft.

Peak Advisers has partnered with several POS providers and can assist your company with transitioning to the ideal system. We also offer a free migration tool that enables customers, vendors, and inventory lists to be moved over. Unfortunately we cannot migrate other data such as item numbers/UPCs/sales orders/work orders/special discounts tied directly to individual customers – however we can assist in finding solutions with all features necessary for retail stores.

5. Reporting

As a business owner, you depend on your point of sale software for day-to-day operations, making data backup essential to maintaining success. Losing sales and inventory data would put your organization at a serious disadvantage, while backing up provides peace of mind should any unpreventable disaster arise such as hardware failure or disgruntled employees.

On October 3rd 2023, Intuit will no longer support QuickBooks POS; this means payments and connected services such as gift card service and merchant accounts will no longer function with this solution. Furthermore, security patch updates may no longer be provided, leaving your system susceptible to cyber attacks and other risks.

To minimize business disruptions, migrating to a different POS platform might be worth your while. Shopify’s point of sale and payment solution can easily integrate with QuickBooks Desktop Financial Software while offering contemporary interface design features, popular payment methods and exclusive offers. Making this transition may prove challenging at first, but the advantages will more than outweigh any learning curves that may occur.

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