mobile pos for liquor stores

Mobile POS for Liquor Stores

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Utilizing a POS system for liquor stores can greatly improve operations, enhance customer experiences and gain valuable business insights. Furthermore, such systems help your store comply with laws and regulations; for instance some come equipped with age verification features which help create a safer shopping environment by preventing underage sales.

Other features include search-engine optimized online ordering and inventory management capabilities that help to prevent overstocking or underselling products.


Bepoz makes ordering liquor store supplies easier with its secure point of sale system, which tracks inventory, sales and other important data. By eliminating manual inventory counting processes you can save both time and money while improving customer service.

Your POS system also lets you set low inventory alerts, automatically placing orders with suppliers when an item runs low – potentially saving tens of thousands in delivery charges! Plus, tracking all sales will tell you when it’s time to order more of a particular product!

Many bars and retail businesses operate out of one location, which makes tracking inventory for both areas more complex than necessary. With Bepoz POS you can simplify inventory tracking across your organization with one single POS that provides services for both retail areas as well as bar areas (specialty cocktails with recipes) with inventory breakdown by ingredient.

The POS can verify customers over 18 using a scannable ID scanner and allow for customer loyalty programs without needing an additional system to track them. You can create customer facing displays showing promotions running in your store such as offering gold member discounts for certain items.


Korona’s liquor store POS solution features several tools to help keep track of inventory and sales efficiently, such as real-time stock tracking and reporting tools as well as anti-theft features to deter theft. Furthermore, this solution tracks voids, refunds and blind cash drops to detect potentially suspicious transactions; and can prompt age verification checks so your business stays compliant with local laws.

Customizable software and hardware make this system easy to set up, use, and maintain for your specific business, making setup, use, and maintenance hassle-free. Compatible with most major credit card processors as well as supporting mobile wallet payments for added convenience, this system also features support for multiple POS terminals making it an excellent solution for multi-location operations.

KORONA POS offers multiple tiers to fit the needs of any business, each plan featuring an initial trial period and money-back guarantee on hardware and software. Starting at Basic with single terminal setup, Plus adds time tracking features while the Enterprise version features order level optimization and franchise capabilities.

KORONA is an impressive point-of-sale system specifically tailored for liquor stores. With an advanced inventory management feature that lets you keep tabs on current stock levels and automatically generate purchase orders when inventory drops too low, KORONA ensures that your business can always serve customers efficiently.

Revel Systems

Revel Systems has been serving businesses with enterprise-level tools for inventory management since 2010, offering enterprise-grade tools for businesses needing detailed inventory tracking. Their POS system supports various payment types – including mobile – as well as an Always On mode which enables businesses to keep operating even when the Internet goes down, configurations for drive-thrus, CRM features and ways to manage loyalty programs – its customer service team are helpful but some customers have reported long wait times as an issue.

One key advantage of a POS system for liquor stores is their ability to track inventory at an ingredient-level, helping reduce overstocking and understocking while increasing cost control and profitability. The software can also offer insights into popular items for purchase as well as streamline menu integration, leading to faster checkout process times and increasing customer satisfaction.

One of the greatest challenges liquor stores face is retail loss. Cashiers could potentially voide sales without authorization and pocket the proceeds – harming the bottom line in turn. Korona POS can combat this problem by requiring authentication prior to voiding receipts. In addition, it monitors employee activity and generates reports about items sold, voides and discounts while automating customer emails and text messages as well as supporting multiple locations with real-time revenue data reports.


Celerant Technology Corporation was established in Staten Island, NY as a retail point of sale software specialist in 1999 and operates five state offices to offer their POS system to some of the country’s premier retailers. Features offered by their system include fully customizable POS interface, bar code scanning/entry and customer information management along with email receipts/class scheduling/course scheduling/mobile app functionality.

Over 100 customers utilize this company’s POS system, including retail stores, restaurants, hotels and other businesses. CPA Advisor POS Review has awarded it five-stars for its basic system functions, advanced features and services as well as tracking and reporting capabilities. Furthermore, third-party integrations such as shipping tools with ShipEngine or accounting software make this platform truly user friendly.

This cloud-based POS system provides users with an effortless transaction processing and customer assistance experience on the sales floor. Users can quickly access inventory levels, look up prices and process regular and special order sales using its user friendly interface. Furthermore, Apple Pay, Android Pay and other popular payment options are fully supported within this streamlined solution.

Contrary to many POS apps, this one is managed in real-time by the company’s back office, so any time changes are made within the system they will immediately update across all sales channels – making this feature particularly helpful for retailers offering curbside pickup and BOPIS.

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